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If your skin is persistently dry and irritated or if you’re prone to hives, experienced allergist Patrick M. Reidy, MD, offers comprehensive care for skin allergies at his offices in Estero and Naples, Florida. Dr. Reidy offers on-site diagnostic testing to identify the triggers of skin allergies and customizes a treatment plan to relieve itching, inflammation, and chronic skin irritation. To schedule a diagnostic evaluation of suspected skin allergies, call the office of Patrick M. Reidy, MD, today or request an appointment online now.

Skin Allergies Q & A

What are skin allergies?

There are several types of skin allergies that can cause inflammation and irritation in your skin. Some of the most common types of skin allergies Dr. Reidy treats include:


Hives describe skin inflammation that results when an allergen triggers your immune system to release histamine. Histamine causes your small blood vessels to leak, which results in swelling in your skin. You may also develop hives after strenuous activity or when you’re overheated.


Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a condition that results due to dysfunction in the protective barrier of your skin. Exposure to an allergen or irritant causes your skin to become very dry, irritated, and inflamed. You may also develop scales and cracks in your skin that leak clear fluids.


Angioedema describes swelling in the deep layers of your skin that often occurs along with hives. This condition can be acute or chronic. Contact with certain foods or medications can trigger angioedema-related swelling, especially in your mouth, eyelids, and genitals.

Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is a skin condition that develops from direct contact with an allergen, such as poison ivy or certain metals. This contact results in a red, itchy rash in your skin and you may also notice visible bumps in the affected area.

How are skin allergies diagnosed?

In many cases, Dr. Reidy is able to identify the type of skin allergy you have based on a physical exam of your skin.

However, to determine the cause of the allergic reaction, Dr. Reidy may perform in-office allergy testing that involves exposing your skin to several known allergens. He pricks your skin with a small amount of a suspected allergen to evaluate your body’s reaction.

If you develop a noticeable red bump or itchiness in the injection site, it confirms an allergy.

What treatments are available for skin allergies?

To ease the redness, itching, and inflammation of skin allergies, Dr. Reidy can prescribe a topical antihistamine medication. He can also recommend a high-quality cream to deeply moisturize your skin and relieve dryness.

In some cases, you may also need to take oral medication to treat existing skin allergies and prevent new symptoms.

Dr. Reidy also works with you on lifestyle changes that help reduce your exposure to certain allergies. You may also need to make changes to your diet and certain medications you take to reduce skin allergy flare-ups.

If you have chronically itchy skin and need diagnostic testing for skin allergies, call the office of Patrick M. Reidy, MD, or request a consultation online now.