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In the U.S., more than 30 million people aged 12 or older experience some form of hearing loss. Patrick M. Reidy, MD, is an experienced allergist who offers some of the best hearing services at his offices in Estero and Naples, Florida. From adult and pediatric hearing testing to hearing aids and musician earplugs, Dr. Reidy has the right hearing testing and treatment options to improve your auditory experience. To learn more, call Patrick M. Reidy, MD, or schedule an appointment online today.

Hearing Loss Q & A

What causes hearing loss?

Hearing loss can affect anyone, but it’s most common in adults over the age of 60. The most common reasons for hearing loss include:

  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Injury
  • Stroke
  • Excessive noise exposure
  • Too much ear wax
  • Viral infections
  • Ménière's disease
  • High fever
  • Meningitis
  • Obesity
  • Hypertension

You should schedule a hearing test with Dr. Reidy if you struggle to hear others, need the volume on your TV/phone to be set very high, or if sounds seem muted to you.

What is a hearing test?

A hearing test evaluates your ability to hear clearly. The entire test is noninvasive and painless. In most cases, hearing tests take less than 30 minutes. Prior to your test, Dr. Reidy examines your medical history and performs a medical evaluation to determine whether you may have inherited a genetic condition. 

This evaluation also helps Dr. Reidy see if allergies, a sinus infection, a cold, or an ear infection is causing your hearing problems.

During the hearing test, Dr. Reidy gives you headphones to wear, which are connected to an audiometer — a machine that evaluates your ability to hear certain sounds. For infants, young children, and children with cochlear implants, Dr. Reidy may use specially placed speakers to test their hearing.

How is hearing loss treated?

Depending on the cause and severity of your hearing loss, Dr. Reidy may perform one or more of the following treatments:

Hearing aid

A hearing aid is a small device you can wear in or behind your ear that converts sound waves to electrical signals, allowing you to hear more clearly if you’re experiencing hearing loss. There are many different types of hearing aids, including CROS aids — an implant that helps improve one-sided hearing loss. During your evaluation, Dr. Reidy can help determine which type of hearing aid is right for you.

Hearing amplifier

Unlike a hearing aid, an amplifier does not treat medical hearing loss. Instead, it amplifies sounds to make them louder and clearer.


If you have an abnormality with your eardrum or repeated ear infections, Dr. Reidy can perform a surgical procedure to correct structural problems with your ears.

Earwax removal

Small suction tools can help remove earwax blockages if they’re preventing you from hearing clearly.

Cochlear implant

A cochlear implant is only recommended for severe hearing loss. This implant completely bypasses parts of your inner ear to directly stimulate the hearing nerve.

If you think you’re experiencing hearing loss, call Patrick M. Reidy, MD, for a hearing test or schedule a visit online.